Okim-Alobi Oyama, PAT’s Brand Manager Highlights the company’s plan to provide more telecom connectivity to serve millions of Nigerians in underserved areas in this feature story on Page 17 of Business Day Newspaper (Jan 15, 2021)

As Covid-19 continues to spread like wildfire in Nigeria, more than 58% of Nigerians are still unable to access the internet due to the unavailability of the infrastructure to provide this connectivity. As a result, millions of Nigerians are deprived access to education, healthcare, banking services and communication because of the huge Telecom infrastructure deficit affecting Nigeria. Therefore, there is an urgent need to provide more telecom infrastructure across the country to enable Nigerians have access to these fundamental life-enhancing services. Please click the link below to see how
Pan African Towers is positioning itself to providing more telecom connectivity to millions of Nigerians, as its Brand Manager, Okim-Alobi Oyama is Featured on Page 17 “Money Insight” of Today’s edition of Business Day newspaper (Jan 15, 2021), as he discusses the company’s plan to achieving this objective.